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The Story

Founded in 2011, the first members of MAGNUS Personnel crammed into a 90 sq. foot office above a movie theatre. These humble beginnings quickly gained the attention of many of the world’s most intelligent businesses. How? We found that if we under-promised, over-delivered and provided highly responsive service, faster and more accurately than our seasoned competitors, we received many calls and even more referrals.

We’re honored to have the privilege to serve global Business leaders and ambitious professionals. Because we’re grateful, we work harder, we care that you continue to be impressed and we’re not afraid to share our secrets of success. We call it our abundance mentality and it’s helped grow our firm more than 150% per year for the last 6 years. Now with more than 150 global clients and offices across Canada and the United States, one thing remains the same... We Care.

Thank You

Placements Made

Clients Served

Annual growth

Hiring Success


We used our first few years of growth to shape our Mission, then we surveyed North American business leaders to ensure we had it right! These are the foremost principles that guide our uncompromising work ethic:


Under-Promise & Over-Deliver. We are 100% responsible for the success of your search.


Know where we are in the recruitment process at all times through honest and frequent communication.


Every single search is URGENT. That’s why you come to us. We work best under tight timelines.

Together Is Faster

Who fulfills your placement is far less critical than how it's done. We care more that your search gets filled with the right candidate and that it gets done faster than you expected. By pooling our resources, we win more than 40% of our search assignments. This is close to double the industry standard.

Good Listeners Are More Accurate

As an extension of your brand, we need to hear, see, and feel your business. Our in-person “Discovery Process” is a critical step in our ongoing success together. We see thousands of ‘A’ Player candidates every year, and now we can tell them all firsthand what makes your company so great.

Provide Quality Over Quantity

Are you tired of interviewing candidates who clearly aren’t right for the job? We won’t waste your time with irrelevant submissions. We prefer to send you two or three remarkable candidates. You’ll be wishing you could hire them all!

Fully Integrate Work & Life

We don’t stop thinking about work at 5 pm. We see tremendous value in being highly responsive and accessible when our clients need us. That doesn’t mean we don’t take time away from work, we simply blend the two. We are Head Hunters, it’s not just our job… it’s who we are.

Core Values

A Culture of Contribution

Seek First To Understand

We asked over 100 HR Business Partners what they appreciate MOST about Head Hunters. Your feedback helped forge our Core Values; the foremost principles that guide our daily business conduct.

We do this with Vigor & Passion. We are Relentless. We are MAGNUS.


Here are well over 100 different searches we’re working on.
There’s a good chance we can help you with yours.

How We Help

Magnus Personnel is recognized by North America’s most intelligent businesses as a preferred partner for sourcing top level candidates like you.

With sectors of focus in Medical Business, Clinical Research & Life Sciences, Healthcare & Licensed Practitioners, B2B Industrial and Technology, our Recruitment Architects work closely with qualified candidates to build upon their successful careers.

We put you in front of innovative, intelligent and market-changing companies, making sure that you’re a success every step of the way. We look forward to a long term relationship, giving you upward mobility and a variety of career opportunities.


Advancing your career for the long term.


Positioning you as a winner for world class jobs.


Immediate follow-ups for qualified candidates.

Making You Stronger

Get Noticed!

How do you get the attention of a company that you want to break into? Don’t worry, we’re probably working with them and can leverage our industry experience to “shop” you. With your permission, we’ll engage the decision-makers on your behalf.


Today, companies are looking for Achievements and Accomplishments far ahead of Responsibilities and Duties. What your potential employer wants to know is…What is it that sets you apart from every other candidate applying for the same role? We can address this by helping you create an Accomplishment-Based Resume.


Quantifiable numbers are the best way to exemplify your successes. Providing your numeric pole position will help further substantiate your abilities and potential to excel in a new role.


If your resume is too long, clients will glaze over it. For Individual Contributors your resume should be a maximum of 2 pages; Managers 3 pages and; Executives 4 pages. We need to make your accomplishments explode off the page and stand out. Keep it short, keep it precise, keep it numerical. This way you can’t lose.

Seek First To Understand

We want to hear about what motivates you, who you work well with and how you like to work.

We do this with Vigor & Passion. We are Relentless. We are MAGNUS.


Erik Simins

President & Founder
647 932-9007

President & Founder

Erik’s impressive track record of winning has been demonstrated throughout his career in the Medical Industry. Entering recruitment in 2006, he blew away objectives as the top performer at one of Canada’s most notable boutique agencies. In 2011, alongside his team of high performing recruiters, Erik launched MAGNUS Personnel Corporation.

His servant leader approach and aligning his core values with a significant need in the market for highly effective “headhunting” and humble service, Erik established an internationally recognized, multi-million-dollar firm in less than 2 years. As the company continues to attract market experts to lead in the charge, Erik has one goal:

To positively influence every person and company that MAGNUS touches.

Charles Everill



Charles is a trusted advisor to both MAGNUS and BlockAble. He has an extensive history of senior leadership positions and significant accomplishments:

  • Charles was a Senior VP of Marketing for a Fortune 250 company, and completed more than 15 years of line management stints as the senior executive of: Cable Television; Direct Marketing; and Database Marketing (precursor to today’s Analytics). He was also a daily newspaper publisher, president, and group president.
  • He led many of the company’s cutting-edge marketing and start-ups in the emerging world of electronic publishing, database marketing, and community based non-network television.
  • As President and CEO of the Direct Marketing Group (an NYSE and Fortune 250 company) Charles led the Group in the most dynamic 5-year growth period in company history – both in revenue and profits. Each grew more than 20% compounded annually in this period and grew to well over $100 million in annual revenue.
  • More critical than growth, was the increased credibility of this emerging direct marketing services unit which allowed the company to sell off their newspapers and other non-database assets when they still commanded a premium sales price.
  • Charles successfully founded, and later sold, AmeriComm Direct Marketing. He served as President and CEO of this successful 600-person database and marketing-services company.
  • He used the proceeds of the above endeavors to be a successful private venture capital investor for more than 20 years.

Charles spends 20-30 hours/week in community service/volunteer leadership roles. He is the Co-founder of Rotary Mental Health Initiatives; former Chair and Board Member of the College of Music Advisory
Board at the University of Colorado; and former Treasurer and Chair of Finance and HR Committee of the Mental Health Center of Denver. He serves on the Board of this $100-Million-Dollar national leader in community mental health; is Chair of MHCD’s Sabin Foundation Board. He served in the past as Chair of Pro-Comp advisory group, a highly successful community effort to improve Denver Public Schools; former Chair and Board Member of the Denver Rotary Club Foundation (a small multi-million dollar community foundation); and has spent more than 20 years mentoring high potential, at-risk, High School Juniors with, among others, the goal of four-year college graduation.

Charles holds a Harvard College BA with Honors (he attended with a USN NROTC Scholarship) and graduated with High Honors from the Harvard Business School (their equivalent of a Summa Cum Laude) and was recognized with the elite “Baker Scholar”). He was a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer from 1965 to 1970 (one of the Navy’s most prestigious and competitive programs at that time) and, was named “Outstanding Young Ohioan” in 1978 by then Governor, James Rhodes.

Mike Martens

Digital Marketing Manager
647 933-9050

Digital Marketing Manager

Working with MAGNUS since 2011, Mike has continually kept the firm ahead of the curve with crisp, concise messaging. By top-grading our digital platforms every year, Mike’s team delivers a user-friendly experience within our digital framework and drives valuable content to those users who request it. Bringing more than 20 years of success in digital marketing, web design and media content, he has been instrumental in helping to craft our online brand presence.

Jessica Bond

Director of Client Experience and Administration
647 933-0157

Director of Client Experience and Administration

Jessica oversees the client experience and administrative functions within MAGNUS. She has over 15 years of superior customer service experience with both internal and external stakeholders and leads the organization’s partnerships with valued clients, partners and vendors. Jessica ensures both the front and back ends of our business stay seamlessly in line with the expectations of our trusted business partners.

Patrick Power

Executive Recruitment Manager
647 933-9035

Executive Recruitment Manager

After completing his university business studies, Patrick started his career in sales in an outside capacity with a multinational information management corporation. Here over 6 years, he demonstrated consistent achievement as a top performing Business Development professional and was promoted to a Strategic Account Manager in charge of the Healthcare vertical. In the duration that he had spent being a strategic account manager, Patrick gained tremendous insight on the corporate world. In 2009, Patrick began his career in recruitment with a boutique-sized, GTA based agency. While building his Client roster, he was constantly coming up against one particular national recruitment firm, MAGNUS Personnel. Observing the company’s impressive roster of customers and impeccable reputation with both client and candidates within the Medical Business field, Patrick took an “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach and sought out MAGNUS to become an integral part of its team. Patrick’s focus is within the Medical Sectors of:devices/capital equipment,aesthetics,pharmaceutical, dental,biotechnology,nutraceutical and veterinary.

Kimberly Lima

Director of Recruitment
647 933-9045

Director of Recruitment

Kim has been recruiting in Life Sciences for more than 10 years and has become a trusted resource for thousands of senior level candidates who have careers in Pre-Clinical, Phase I-IV trials, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance and Reimbursement. Her client roster spans a diverse group of multi-national pharmaceutical companies and CROs to smaller start-ups developing life saving devices and diagnostic equipment.

Svetlana Thomson

Senior Recruitment Manager
647 933-9073

Senior Recruitment Manager

Svetlana has been recruiting in Life Sciences since 2012. She brings with her a wealth of agency experience and success working primarily with major pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. Her passion for delivering results and helping others combined with her in-depth understanding of Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Compliance and Clinical Research has made her an extremely valuable asset to our client base.

Frank Crupi

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

After completing a degree in communications and playing NCAA hockey, Frank began his career in sales. He worked in business development with an automotive recruiting agency before being recruited by MAGNUS in 2017. Frank brings fantastic interpersonal skills and a lighthearted humour to our team. He is passionate about life sciences and healthcare because he loves helping people live healthy, fulfilling lives. When he’s not working, Frank hosts & produces his own hockey podcast.

Tina Bieber

Client Partner Manager
289 805-0591

Client Partner Manager

Tina joined the MAGNUS team in 2018 and brings with her extensive experience in sales and marketing with multi-national pharma and start-up biotech companies located both in Canada and Europe.



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