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We’re building it NOW, and we want you to create it with us.

Not for the faint of heart, the recruitment business is considered one of the most challenging in the world. Combine that with our 250% year-over-year growth, fierce competition and ever-evolving client needs and you’ll undoubtedly be challenged. So, let’s discuss why you might consider joining our team.


Be a part of something...BIGGER!

When you join our team, you’re brought on to add to our intellectual horse power. You will have input and impact from your very first day. We all steer this ship and direct it by example. A big responsibility, yes, and certainly not for everyone. 1000% growth in five years is BIG and with that growth comes immense challenge. Our mission, core values and relentless pursuit of betterment keep us strong.


Own What You Build

Not every firm is designed for succession or to lift their employees. MAGNUS was built for growth, designed to recognize talent and foster an environment where performers ARE promoted. Several of our team members who started as recruiters now enjoy profit-sharing or better yet, ownership. If you embody professionalism, vigor, humility and stewardship we want you to lead WITH us.


True Flexibility

It’s up to our team members to decide how and where they want to work. We’re 100% results based and have incredible tools and resources to make you even more amazing at your job. So, plug in anywhere or take your work anywhere, we’ll support it. Use our blueprint or even better, show us a way to improve our models and we’ll implement it, then help elevate you into leadership to drive its success.

And last but not least, there’s Money

Quick Ramp 88

We know that your relationships are valuable and we want to get you started on a very good foot. Think about how hard you’ll work during your first three months if you know that you’re going keep 88% of everything you bill? We thought you’d work pretty hard, so we put Quick Ramp 88 into place. Let’s break some records together.

Crack Your Next Financial Milestone

Our team members have worked at more than 10 other agencies combined. We created a comp model to crush them all. We won’t give you the exact details here, but we’d be happy to share them with you when you call. We seem to have developed an environment that breeds top billers. The average income of our employees is higher than 90% of North American professionals. Money isn’t everything but it’s certainly a nice perk!

Core Values

A Culture of Contribution

A Few More "Perks" For the team

Paid Benefits

We want you to be healthy and at your best, so we’ll keep you conditioned with fully paid health and dental benefits for you and your family.


Whether it’s a day of rollercoasters, powdered slopes or volunteering as a team; we get out of the office once a month and disengage from “work”. We feel it’s important to have fun together outside of the office.


Our Leadership Summits are packed with fun-filled activities like watersports, paintballing, tree-top rope climbing and guest speakers to invigorate learning.


Our job is tough. It can be intense and sometimes stressful. What better way to instantly chill out than by having an onsite, rest and rejuvenation room, complete with a state-of-the-art massage chair, built for the Zen Master in you.


You’re a performer, you work hard and we know it. You deserve a 5-star vacation on us! Recognizing our top contributors is something we strongly believe in.


The best recruiters need time off to disengage. As a part of a team that’s like minded, we help pick up the work while you rest, get some sun or travel the world. Then, you help your team when they’re away.


We’re results-based, not time punchers. If you have a responsibility at home once or twice a week, we can support you. The most successful recruiters respond quickly to their clients. It doesn’t matter where they call them from.


Once a month we hold a town hall meeting, where it’s open forum. This non-business setting encourages creative idea sharing, drives new initiatives and resolves challenges before they start in a safe, collaborative environment. Then we have lunch together.


We supply gourmet Coffee, Tea and of course Levine’s Fresh Bagels and Bubkas. You don’t know unless you’ve tasted them. Be afraid of the buttery goodness.

This could be the best move you’ve ever made

If what we’ve said above sparks some curiosity about what we’re building at MAGNUS
then let’s explore how we can help one another accomplish remarkable things.

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