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Our Services

Contracting & Consulting


Within the ever-changing landscape of business today, only those with flexible solutions will continue to thrive in our competitive markets. MAGNUS Talent provides on demand contract staffing as a leader in flexible workforce solutions. Our relentless pursuit of how to best serve our clients allows them to focus on their core business while we provide the nation’s best talent. Through a seamless onboarding process, we place the specialized human resources you need into your company within days, not months, allowing us to mitigate the stress and challenges associated with talent acquisition.

Executive Search


Our Executive Search function helps both national and international organizations attract the world’s best leaders. Key placements literally transform organizations for the better. Today’s leaders combine compassion, innovation, discipline, a sound comprehension of how to scale and empirically measure when to capitalize on opportunities, unshaken by external change. Utilizing our expansive network of executive influencers, MAGNUS will introduce you to leaders who your people will be proud to follow.

Direct Hire


Every search is different. Sure, we headhunt over 500 direct hires every year, but like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. We connect with you to understand your management style, team dynamic, corporate culture and unique challenges. Then, we go to market and source the top performers who match your exact criteria. As an extension of your organization expect nothing less than polish, professionalism and industry expertise. We speak your language and can relate to the candidates you want to hire. We meet personally with more than 10,000 of North America’s most talented professionals every year. As your partner, we would promote your organization and brand to each and every one of them.

Career Transition & Outplacement


MAGNUS partners with organizations who intend to make career transitioning a positive experience. Our one-on-one career counselling ensures that your transitioning employees receive highly engaged consultation and coaching on how to effectively re-enter the job market. Compassion and access to more than 150 in-house job vacancies allow our firm to manage these individuals into their new careers. Our services provide an excellent way to maintain the integrity of your organization during a stressful time, ensuring that your brand and reputation maintain a positive image throughout the process, highlighting how much you care about your people.

Contract Sales Force


The power behind a MAGNUS Contract Sales Organization (CSO), is in how we minimize operational complexity and act as a fully integrated sales function within your organization. Whether you need a few top sales professionals to boost your revenue or several teams and managers spanning the country, we effectively take on payroll, people management and, accountability for the results of the sales force. Our programs are designed to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. We bring world-class expertise when working with our business partners to integrate turn-key, metrics-based, sales force solutions for organizations who demand a higher level of sophistication.