Our Values

We provide our team members the opportunity to grow, to learn, to pass on and to lead by example. We want all here to become more.

Complacency has been replaced with urgency and we provide excitement, challenge, reciprocity and an altruistic environment with the underlying goal of betterment.

We are aligned with a performance based earning potential higher than any firm in our country and we incentivize, inspire and motivate our people with ongoing bonuses, promotions and succession planning.

We are committed to leading change and are adaptable for pro-active growth. We are transparent to one another, to our clients and to our candidates.

We listen attentively and we’re engaged in your experience, pooling our resources to humbly provide for those we influence.

We illuminate through specialized knowledge and are rewarded by attraction through referral and reputation. We are respected because we do what we say we’ll do and we grow methodically, strategically and consistently as we re-engineer today’s work environment.

We do this with vigor and passion. We are relentless, we are Magnus.

Retaining The Best Talent

Our Leading Edge Approach To Retaining Canada’s Best Talent.

Magnus Personnel was founded on a on a Five-Tiered Search Platform, coined Magnify.

This pro-active and synergistic approach to recruitment has consistently proven to be the most effective approach in identifying and retaining Canada’s best people. Our Magnify Platform engages five search methodologies simultaneously. This relatively aggressive combination of sourcing strategies has made Magnus the preferred Vendor for many of today’s tier-one North American companies.

The Magnus Personnel Magnify Platform involves concurrent utilization of the following steps:

  1. Headhunting top prospects
  2. Networking with industry specific contacts
  3. Pulling top talent from our active and passive candidate databases
  4. Advertising on Canada’s most Frequented job boards
  5. Posting on Magnus Personnel and industry related websites

Our Recruitment Architects head hunt on a daily basis, keeping Magnus consistently connected with high caliber, passive talent who may not be actively seeking new opportunities. Furthermore, highly motivated candidates are interviewed here face to face every single day. We habitually remain at the forefront of our industry and stay in direct contact with the most sought after professionals in their respective industries.

We are current, respected and entrenched in your business. We understand the time dependent nature of your searches and move quickly when time is of the essence, putting our powerful resources into your back pocket.

Placements Made

Clients Served

Annual growth

Hiring Success Rate

Making You Stronger

Get Noticed!

How do we create interest with a company when you’ve been trying to break into an industry and can’t seem to get a face to face interview? Actually, before we answer that; what is the first thing that your targeted potential employer will look at to size you up? Answer: your resume.
As your dedicated firm and power house partner, MAGNUS puts your CV into the potential employer’s hand. BUT... if your resume isn’t concise and founded on substantiated evidence, then we’ll have little success in getting you a meeting with them.


Today, companies are looking for Achievements and Accomplishments far ahead of simple Responsibilities and Duties. We all know what a sales representative does, what your potential employer wants to know is... what is it that sets you apart from every other candidate applying for the same role.,br> We can address this by creating an (ABR) Accomplishment Based Resume and here’s how we do it:


Quantifiable numbers are the best way to exemplify your successes. These numeric values should be further broken down into (% to Objective) on an Annual basis, ($- Dollar Growth) and finally, (Ranking - your numeric pole position versus your peers). This helps further substantiate your abilities and potential to excel in a new role.
In bullet form for each position you’ve held, enter a maximum of 6 points. The first three points should be accomplishments. These highlight your track record of success and make your achievements tangible for the viewer.


If your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is too long, clients will glaze over it. For individual contributors your resume should be a maximum of 2 pages, managemers, 3 pages and executives 4 pages at most. limit. We need to make your accomplishments explode off the page and stand out, not lull the to potential employer to sleep. So keep it short, keep it precise, keep it numerical and provide reference points to quantify your achievements. This way you can’t lose.
Responsibilities (2 or 3 point maximum) should be positioned after your achievements. Be selective in highlighting the differentiating factors that catapulted you to the top of your team. Think of how you were creative in your role and how your initiatives brought about positive change within your organization. What sacrifices did you make for your team, your boss or your company?

Who Are We?

Why Use Magnus Personnel?

Networked with Canada’s most reputable tier one sales driven organizations, Magnus Personnel is consistently striving to deliver outstanding talent to our clients in our targeted verticals of business.

With sectors of focus which include medical, surgical, dental, aesthetics, vision care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, business to business, logistics & Transportation, commercial industrial related industries and many more, our Recruitment Architects will work closely with qualified candidates to build upon their already successful careers.

We put you in front of great companies and make sure that you’re a success every step of the way!

Magnus Personnel is recognized by Canada’s most respected businesses as a preferred vender for sourcing top level candidates like you from Coast to Coast (St. John’s to Victoria and everywhere in between).


Develop content to support image and title for each of these parts of the trinity.


Develop content to support image and title for each of these parts of the trinity.


Develop content to support image and title for each of these parts of the trinity.

Seek First To Understand

We asked over 100 managers what they appreciated most about head hunters. Our daily conduct is driven from what you’ve told us. We’re hiring, developing and building our teams. Aligned with these character traits to continually improve our service level working with you.

We care and want to help.
We’re sensitive to your needs and limited time.
We’re flexible and accommodating. We empathize with your challenges.
We’re easy to communicate with. We understand your expectations.
We simplify the hiring process. We deliver Results. We’re transparent.
We never give up.

We do this with Vigor & Passion. We are relentless, we are Magnus

Not for the faint of heart, our business is considered one of the most challenging in the world. Couple that with more than 1000% growth since our first year of business, fierce competition and ever demanding clients, you’ll be challenged but also rewarded more than any job you’ve ever succeeded in.

We’re building it NOW, and we want you to create it with us.

Culture - Be A Part Of Something

When you join our team, you,re brought on to add to our intellectual horse power. You will lead, have input and have impact from your very first day. There’s no "captain MAGNUS". We all steer this ship and lead by example. A big responsibility, yes! And certainly not for everyone. Although the roles in the company vary, they’re all EQUALLY important. You’re valued and you’ll feel like that every single day here.

Money 1 - Crack Your Next Financial Milestone

Aligned with a performance based earning potential higher than any firm in our country, we,ve watched team members earn more at MAGNUS than anywhere else in their career! Typically we see a $50,000 increase in take home pay after only 2 years. We’ve taken $100K players to $150K and $150K to north of $200K. The average income of our employees is higher than 90% of North Americans. Money isn’t everything but it’s certainly a nice perk!

Money 1 - Quick Ramp 88

We want you up and running as fast as possible and want to help you get there. Aside from sharing candidates, leads and clients, how does 88% commission for your First 3 months sound to help catapult you into success? Now we know we have your attention.

Growth - Own What You Build

As soon as you have demonstrated that you are a highly competent head hunter, our team will start grooming You for a leadership role if that is what you choose. Several of our team members have been promoted Within their divisions and a few have achieved or are close to achieving partnership status. Their accomplishments have Been accelerated and supported by MAGNUS growing performers from Recruitment Architect, To Division Manager, to Director to Partner all within 4 years. If accelerated responsibility is what you’re after, we’ve got the Business Model to fully drive your succession and grow your leadership skills into a business partner and owner.

Environment - True Flexibility

Our operational and financial North American Flagship office is 10 minutes from Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.Inspired by latest office environment case studies in the Harvard Business Review, we’ve constructed a 5,000 square foot space that suites every style of person and work. You can choose from a private office for focused work time, quiet space, open settings, standing stations, bench seating, dynamic open concept, creative think tank rooms, boardrooms, video conferencing areas. We even have a meditation, rest and rejuvenation room. Plug in anywhere, take your work anywhere, we’ll support it with over 20 hotelling Or hot desking stations and a 100% cloud based server. We’re 100% results based and have incredible tools and resources to make you even more amazing at your job than you are right now. Use our blueprint for head hunting success and you’ll be more successful than you ever dreamed, or even better, show us a way to improve our models and we’ll implement it, then help elevate you into leadership to drive its success.

Committed to leading change through high adaptability, we are transparent to one another, to our clients and to our candidates. We listen attentively and are engaged in our team’s experiences, pooling our resources to quickly find solutions and humbly provide for our employees. As we re-engineer today’s work environment, we illuminate challenges through specialized knowledge and collaboratively empower those we work with to become their best.


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